Heavenly Father,

The enemy is a counterfeit fisherman. He is angling for his prey. He cast his lies and jiggles his bait, all the while, hoping to reel-in another unsuspecting soul.

Heavenly Father, please rescue our children and grandchildren. Rescue them from being enamored by witchcraft, divination and magic. Keep them from being entangled in the world of enchantments and the occult. Rescue them from becoming hooked on alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, gambling or pornography. Protect them from being schooled in the lie that Jesus is nothing more than social reform. Stop them from snatching the bait that “If everyone else is doing it, it must be okay.” Rescue them from drifting aimlessly without a purpose.

Rescue our children and grandchildren from the enemy’s snares. And when necessary, rescue them from themselves.

In Christ’s name, we pray.


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