A Grandparent is Like a Farmer

Written by Sherry Schumann

Sherry Schumann is an author of 2 books and prayer coordinator for Christian Grandparenting Network.

March 6, 2017

Which Farmer Will Yield a Harvest?

A farmer trudges through the field with his muck boots squishing in puddles left by an early spring rain. He grips an old hoe in his right hand, and a pouch heavy with seeds is slung over his opposite shoulder. Every movement he makes is intentional. First, he stoops to dig four troughs, two or three inches deep. Next, he sprinkles seeds into the troughs. His hands tenderly brush dirt over the seeds until the depressions disappear. Finally, he kneels to pray.

His neighbor, a so-called farmer, also trudges through his field with his muck boots squishing in puddles left by the same spring rain. He doesn’t carry a seed pouch or an old hoe. He doesn’t dig troughs, sprinkle seeds or pray. instead, he meanders among the field, wishing for better results than last year.

A week later, the first farmer kneels in his field beside tiny shoots peeking through the soil and gives thanks for a new crop. Meanwhile, the second farmer continues to meander among his field, wishing for better results than last year.

Harvest of Faith

As Christian grandparents, we are farmers who hope to harvest faith in our grandchildren.

We live in a society, which is ambiguous about the role of grandparents. Many of us have adopted the second farmer’s method of farming by sitting on the sidelines, hoping our grandchildren will magically absorb the Gospel’s message and give their hearts to Christ. Others of us have adopted the first farmer’s method of farming by…

  1. Taking time away from the golf course to take our grandsons fishing.
  2. Sharing the stories we have of answered prayers.
  3. Reaching across the miles through Skype, text and email.
  4. Reinforceng our belief that God is good.
  5. Comforting our grandchildren when life seems unfair.
  6. Praying for the salvation of our grandchildren without ceasing.

The list of ways for passing our spiritual legacies to future generations is endless; however, one thing is certain. God is calling us to sow seeds of faith in the hearts of our grandchildren. For He says, “Only take care, and keep your soul diligently, lest you forget the things that your eyes have seen, and lest they depart from your heart all the days of your life. Make them known to your children and your children’s children” (Deuteronomy 4:9).

Let’s be honest. Passing our faith to our grandchildren isn’t always easy. Some of us are separated from our grandchildren by physical miles, while others are separated by the emotional distance created as a result of divorce, broken relationships, misplaced priorities, unwarranted suspicions, time constraints and unforgiveness within our family. Therefore, we need to bathe our efforts in prayer.

Will you join me in making the commitment to be a godly, intentional grandparent? Will you grab a hoe and your seed pouch of faith and walk among the fields, intentionally sowing the love of Christ into the hearts of your future generations? Will you cover your efforts in prayer?

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