Enjoying the Freedom of God’s Grace

Written by Sherry Schumann

Sherry Schumann is an author of 2 books and prayer coordinator for Christian Grandparenting Network.

April 16, 2021


Heavenly Father,

We pray our grandchildren enjoy the radical freedom and joy of not having to earn their way to heaven. Let them realize that no matter how hard they try to be model Christians, they can’t earn eternal life. Not with impressive credentials, the best intentions or a plethora of good works credited to their name.

Salvation comes from Christ alone. “For by GRACE, we have been saved through faith. It is not from ourselves nor our works, lest we boast. It is a gift from God” (Ephesians 2:8-9, paraphrased).

We pray this not only for our grandchildren but for their children and the children coming after them.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray.



©2021, Sherry Schumann

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