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The Grand Expedition

Join us as we embark on a prayer expedition that has been designed to strengthen our prayer lives, so we can successfully battle for the hearts, minds and souls of our children and grandchildren. During this expedition, we will enjoy rich narratives at selected destination points in Luke’s gospel. We will sift through stories from Jesus’ ministry, all the while being led along dirt roads, under olive groves, through the Temple gates and into our own hearts. We will uncover biblical truths for unleashing the power of prayer and garner applicable tools for stepping-up our prayer lives. We will encounter present-day grandparents whose faith stories inspire even the most cynical among us to believe miracles still happen.


The biblical foundation Sherry presents will strengthen your conviction that a grandparent’s prayers combined with God’s loving intentions can change the course of a grandchild’s life.
Highly recommended!


If you struggle knowing what to pray, how to pray, or your mind wanders during private prayers, then this book will surely help refresh your time with the Lord and may be the means God uses to change your grandchild’s life forever.


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The Christmas Bracelet

John was life’s smile, but now he was gone…

Swept away as a bride from the South Carolina coast, Kathryn Sullivan creates a fairy-tale life with her husband in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her picture-perfect world is shattered, and life rendered meaningless, when John loses his battle against pancreatic cancer.


Rachelle Rea rated it on Goodreads

This beautiful book made me cry and laugh (sometimes on the very same page!).
Cinthia Paulson rated it on
Beautiful, story of life, the good and the bad. And finding God’s love always there for us especially in our growth.
Linda Wagster rated it on
This novel will make you smile, and it will make you cry. Sherry Schumann had done a wonderful job in sharing a story that will touch your soul while dealing with some of life’s very real difficulties and emotions. I highly recommend that you curl up with a nice cup of cocoa and enjoy this book whether it is Christmastime or mid-July!

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Prayers that Stir the Hearts of Grandparents


Do your prayers for your grandchildren and their parents seem powerless and ineffectual? Prayers that Stir the Hearts of Grandparents is a collection of forty prayers, which are grounded in the Word of God. Designed as a prayer journal and written to boost your prayer life, this unique book encourages and equips you to pray specifically and boldly for your grandchildren, adult children, future grandchildren and even yourselves.

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